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The Defense Build-Down Is Here

President Obama’s latest announcement that he intends to seek $400 billion in reductions from his current security funding plans between FY 2012 and 2023 is only the latest signal that a defense build-down is under way.  What is missing is a detailed plan for managing the build-down; that will be the responsibility of the next …

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Obama Sharpens Pentagon Ax

It was only three months ago that Defense Secretary Robert Gates rolled out $78 billion in Pentagon spending cuts he said the nation could safely make over the next five years. His boss, President Obama, just announced that Gates’ trims are only a down payment on the cuts the Defense Department needs to make.

Over the last two years, …

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Your Tax Dollars At Play…

The Government Accountability Office issued a report Tuesday revealing that government procurement snafus added $70 billion to weapons costs over just the past two years. Fewer than half the Pentagon’s programs are meeting cost targets. And because the lousiest-run programs tend to be the most expensive, that means 72 cents out of …

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A GOP-Pentagon Clash Looms Over Spending

There’s a game of chicken now under way in Congress — and the Pentagon is caught in the middle. House Republicans, eager to show they’re serious about cutting spending, are talking about a series of so-called “continuing resolutions” that will basically freeze government funding at 2010 levels unless Senate Democrats agree to deeper …

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Getting to "Zero Threat"

Defense Secretary Robert Gates has wrapped up two days of testifying before armed services committee — perhaps his final appearance before both panels — and the House gave him a nice going-away present: it voted to kill the $3 billion second-engine line for the F-35 fighter. As the debate over the power plant showed, defense-budget …

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Defense Spending Sacrosanct?

With the nation in two wars and faced with implacable Islamist foes, some argue that now is not the time to discuss cutting the defense budget. House Republican leaders barred spending cuts for the military, homeland security and veterans in their party’s “Pledge to America” campaign manifesto last fall. Last week, 165 members of the …

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