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We are entering the final days of command under Sec Gates. The certification of DADT’s repeal is practically sitting at his desk, and I know more than a few of my brothers in arms who are anxiously waiting for him to sign it. If it doesn’t come before he leaves office on 30 June, I know all of us would appreciate the incoming …

Battleland Battleland

An Army Birthday Gift–So Long Black Beret!

It’s without an ounce of wistfulness that I bid adieu to one of the most ridiculous and unpopular pieces of Army-issue equipment–the black beret. For the past decade, when soldiers were not in Iraq or Afghanistan, they suffered through parades, formations and all manner of long walks with sweaty, misshapen plops of wool covering …

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Up On the Net

Before I introduce myself, I want to thank all of the readers of this column for your kind words about my first post. David Self was a wonderful person and a dedicated NCO. Men and women like him are the backbone of our armed forces; they do the tough business in training and in combat. We lose them far too often and it’s always …

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A Weekend of Remembrance

Yesterday I sat in on a promotion ceremony and something struck me. The officer being promoted restated the Oath of Office in which he swore to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States”. The United States military is unique in the way we swear to protect the document that, in a very real way, defines freedom as …

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