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Remembering Chris Hondros

Time colleague Bobby Ghosh recalls his friend, Chris Hondros, on our Global Spin blog. Chris was killed Wednesday in Misrata, Libya, along with Tim Hetherington. Brave war reporters like Bobby are nothing compared to the guys who go in to make the pictures of conflict around the world that we rely on to try to come to grips with such …

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The Stunt For Red October

For the first time in history, a Russian submarine will be engaging in war games with NATO subs next month. “Apart from honing their skills, the naval rescuers on the games will certainly contribute to mutual confidence between the sides,” Russian analyst Vladimir Yevseyev tells The Voice of Russia news service. “This, in turn, …

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Army Accessions Command, 2002-2011

The Army created its Accessions Command in 2002. On Wednesday, with encouragement from the Pentagon, it killed it. The U.S. Army Accessions Command was 9. The Army says it will shut down the command, based at Fort Monroe, Va., over the next 18 months. That will lead to the elimination of two general’s slots, 65 other military …

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The Defense Build-Down Is Here

President Obama’s latest announcement that he intends to seek $400 billion in reductions from his current security funding plans between FY 2012 and 2023 is only the latest signal that a defense build-down is under way.  What is missing is a detailed plan for managing the build-down; that will be the responsibility of the next …

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Don’t Take The Money And Run

Our country loves our troops so much we’ll do anything to give them more money — like extending, yet again — for the sixth time — the government’s deadline for them to apply for bonuses if they had to fight in Afghanistan or Iraq beyond their enlistment period. You may recall the controversial “stop loss” orders issued to troops …

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