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Ten Things to Know About the Coming Defense Cuts

If you haven’t been paying attention, this is where we stand on the Pentagon budget battle:

1. The Pentagon has already agreed to cut $450 billion over the coming decade from the roughly $7 trillion it had planned on getting. “These cuts are difficult and will require us to take some risks, but they are manageable,” Defense …

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No Relief Aboard Brand-New USS George H.W. Bush

It seems the toilets aboard the aircraft carrier have been balky, and too often MIA, over the first six months of its maiden voyage. Reports the Virginian-Pilot:

“It definitely affects my morale,” said [Petty Officer 1st Class Richard] Frakes, an aviation mechanic. “When I was unable to relieve myself for two days, I was irate to

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Is This Any Way To Deconstruct the Triad?

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta writes Congress that the “doomsday” cuts that will befall the Defense Department if sequestration occurs will force the military to eliminate one of the legs of its strategic nuclear triad – as if this is a bad thing.

The triad – that collection of land-based missiles, bombers and …

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“For Troops, Being Pitied Is Tough to Take”

That’s the headline on the front page of Tuesday’s Washington Post, over a story by Greg Jaffe. He traces much of what we reported in this week’s cover story, An Army Apart. But he drills down into the mindset of troops, who have concluded the gap we reported on has curdled into pity among Americans for the troops fighting the …

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Big News, Small Pox

As the nation comes to grips with its budgetary shortfalls, tough questions need to be asked about dubious, squirrely investments that – even in flush times – would have seemed dubious. Over the weekend, David Willman at the Los Angeles Times told an amazing tale about our nearly half-billion-dollar investment in a smallpox …

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Is America a “Wounded Giant”?

Michael O’Hanlon is one of those perpetually peripatetic Pentagon punditeers. When he’s not busy commenting from his perch at the Brookings Institution, the former Congressional Budget Office military expert is at Time appearing on Command Post (as he is Tuesday), penning an op-ed for the New York Times (as he did Monday), or …

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“What Will Iraq Be Like in 2012?”

Thousands of U.S. troops are now heading home from Iraq every week. By New Year’s Eve, the 45,000 who were there on Oct. 21 when President Obama announced their final pullout, will be down to zero. So what does Iraq’s near-term future look like once all the U.S. troops have come home? The Obama Administration has said it had no …

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The Tweet Shall Inherit the Earth

A couple of Time colleagues – International editor Jim Frederick, author of the acclaimed Black Hearts, and Nate Rawlings, an up-and-comer at the magazine and an Army vet of the Iraq war – wore our fingertips to the bone on Veterans Day. It was my first chance to try to chat using Twitter; limited to 140 characters per …

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How To Save $30 Billion

So who made up the loss in your retirement savings – assuming you have such an account – when the market tanked? Tanked is the right word here, because the answer is no one made you whole – unless you worked for a tank-maker or other defense contractors.

Gretchen Morgenson at the New York Times pulls back the curtain on how …

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Navy Yard Sale

As we noted in June, the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps now appear on the verge of buying all 74 of Britain’s aging AV-8 Harrier jump jets. Navy Times is reporting that a U.S. rear admiral has confirmed the deal.

How the mighty have fallen. It’s quite a comedown for the U.S. military to procure aircraft from something called the …

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