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A Contract Designed to Prevent…

…a repeat of the embarrassing B-2 bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade during NATO’s 1999 war on Serbia. The Pentagon awarded this “experimental serious games” contract (for $9-million-plus, it had better be serious) Thursday (click on it to enlarge). Just in time, too. Wouldn’t want to blow the Chinese Embassy in Tehran …

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Play Ball!

Along with the pain, there are some real bright spots in the ongoing saga of veterans returning home. One such is the Home Base program sponsored by the Boston Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital.

The program started about three years ago, and brings together the Red Sox Nation with the clinical expertise at Mass …

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The Resiliency Trade

The Pentagon is institutionalizing resiliency, referring to a soldier’s ability to shake off the horrors of war and go back and experience them again (it has become such a buzzword that the Army has changed the name of its once-heralded Battlemind program to Resilience Training). Over at the Time Ideas blog, learning scholar Annie …

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Brass Ceiling Cracking?

The Marine Corps is planning to let women enroll in its school that trains infantry combat officers. It’s not the same as letting women serve in front-line combat units, but it’s definitely a step in that direction.

A top …

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Betting on the Come

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta declared Wednesday that “our strategy is right, our strategy is working, and if we stick to it, we can achieve the mission of establishing an Afghanistan that can secure and govern itself, and …

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