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W-2, F-35: Trouble With Numbers

You have to wonder if the Air Force can’t get its W-2 forms straight for 30,000 airmen – about 10% of the force – how can it help manage the financially-troubled $400 billion F-35 program? It seems changes in state tax laws – don’t these happen every year? – weren’t properly folded into the W-2 calculations the Pentagon’s …

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How To Make Amends

Army Lieut. Colonel David Oclander knows a thing about trying to turn lemons into lemonade in Afghanistan:

In 2010 I was responsible for the accidental death of two little girls in a remote village in Southern Afghanistan. The events occurred in a village that sat in the middle of a critical valley that the Afghan Army and my

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Collateral Damage

Seven-hundred and thirty days. That’s the average length of time – two years – that a wounded Marine spends at Camp Lejeune’s Wounded Warrior Battalion before leaving the corps. If you think two years as a patient is too …

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