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What’s Wrong With This Trahc?

This chart comes from a just-released Rand Corp. study that concludes U.S. military information operations – psyops or propaganda, in less polite company – in Afghanistan have grown increasingly unsuccessful with the Afghan population over the past decade.

Speaking of info ops – have you ever seen a chart with a timeline …

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SIOP’s Sire Dies

The Single Integrated Operational Plan — SIOP, for short — was the non-descript label the U.S. military assigned to its doomsday plan to wage nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Born in 1961, the many-layered targeting list died in 2003, after the end of the Cold War. A key developer, Air Force Lieut. General Glenn A. Kent, died …

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If you pore over the towering columns of reports and studies detailing the mental wreckage wrought by combat, you keep seeing that drugs prescribed to heal, or ease pain, are a double-edged sword. Just like a surgeon’s scalpel poking around your chest, they can help as well as hurt. There is a constant battle to keep track of the …

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AVF = All-Volunteer Forever!

After recent ruminations on the wisdom of returning to some form of military conscription, a Reagan-era Pentagon official counters with the blessings of today’s All-Volunteer Force. Elliot J. Feldman writes in Saturday’s Washington Post that the woes of today’s force are due, in large measure, to civilians failing to keep a tighter rein …

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