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1,000 Words

The top U.S. commander in Afghanistan issued a statement Thursday detailing the steps now being taken to curb so-called insider attacks that have killed 45 allied troops so far this year.

Marine General John Allen’s statement contains no news, but its length alone makes clear the U.S. and its allies, including Afghanistan, view the …

Battleland Battleland

Unmanned Jet Headed to Carriers

Young boys of a couple of generations ago loved to get dizzy, flying their yellow Cox PT-19 with its buzzing .049 Babe Bee engine in endless circles. The “pilot” was connected to the plane via a pair of control lines that allowed the model planes to climb and dive…and occasionally crash.

That’s why the X-47B is so exciting. …

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Seeds of Peace

Army Colonel Brian Copes and the Indiana Army National Guard headed off to war with a pitchfork, not a rifle. As commander of the 1-19th Agribusiness Development Team in Afghanistan in 2009, Copes’ team deployed to Khost …

Battleland Battleland

He NOEs What He’s Doing…

When helicopter pilots deftly hug the earth at treetop level, it’s called nap-of-the-earth – NOE – flying. It’s a technique designed to avoid enemy detection – flying under the radar, as it’s sometimes called.

It’s altogether something else to do it in a Navy F-18 jet fighter as in this video, anonymously posted on …

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