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With land wars wrapping up, the Army is doing what comes naturally – setting up a new office to ensure it’s not ignored as the Pentagon pivots toward the Pacific and begins pumping money into globe-girdling air and naval …

Battleland Battleland

The Survivors Gather

This weekend, relatives of many of the U.S. troops who have killed themselves in the suicide epidemic gripping the American military are gathering in San Diego. They’re coming together to support one another and figure out how to move on with life. It’s the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors’ National Military Suicide Survivor

Battleland Battleland

VA Gets a Thumbs-Up

There’s lots of grumbling about the Department of Veterans Affairs from veterans – and its own inspector general, who regularly turns out critical reports.

So it’s worth noting when someone seems satisfied.

It’s …

Battleland Battleland

There’s Johnny!

Clips from classic early broadcasts of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson – long feared lost – have turned up in a military storage unit.

The 16mm film reel had been stored in Riverside, Calif., for nearly a …

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