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Half-Century Young

You’ve heard Air Force types say for years how their B-52 Stratofortress pilots are flying aircraft older than they are.

That’s nothing. B-52 builder Boeing said last week that the youngest BUFF (Big Ugly Fat Fellow) delivered …


An U.S. Army engineer, attached to 1st Platoon, 102nd Sapper Company, 307th Engineer Battalion (Combat Airborne), 20th Engineer Brigade, scans a blast hole with a mine detector after a truck was hit with an improvised explosive …


— The money that will be saved, per F-16, by the Air Force's Aviano air base because of construction of its first Corrosion Control Facility. That will enable local airmen to repaint their jets at the Italian base, instead of shipping them elsewhere for the work. We're not talking Maaco here.
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