I'm not…worrying about sequestration…because [Defense] Secretary [Leon] Panetta has told the departments `Do not plan for it.' And the secretary of the Army, John McHugh, has said `Don't plan for it.'
— Lieutenant General Jeffrey Talley, chief of the Army Reserve, on Wednesday. He was speaking of looming Pentagon budget cuts of up to $600 billion over the coming decade if President Obama and Congress don't agree on a $1.2 trillion deficit reduction package by Jan. 2.


— The number of troops discharged from active duty, or demobilized from reserve forces, last year who were on psychiatric or pain medications when mustered out. In 2011, a new Government Accountability Office report says, 35,068 of the 378,277 discharged were taking such meds. That’s a 26% jump from the 7.4% rate experienced in 2009.


Afghan soldiers from 4th Toli, 2nd Kandak of the Afghan National Army, provide security for the Kona Kumar valley in Wardak Province.

Stephen Colbert Shuts Down His Super PAC

Mocking the byzantine campaign finance regulations that govern U.S. elections would have been easy. Instead of pushing for solutions, satirist Stephen Colbert — who won a Peabody award for his efforts — decided to become part …

Battleland Battleland

When It Rains, It Pours

News just keeps pouring in on the military malfeasance front:

– Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who lately seems to be spending much of his time like a high-school chaperone, has decided to demote the former head of U.S. …


— Official at U.S. Central Command, calculating how many “potentially inappropriate” emails Marine General John Allen and Tampa socialite Jill Kelley exchanged each day, if there really are 30,000 pages of emails and each page is one email. “Based on 720 days," he adds. "We can’t believe it."
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