Thousand-Yard Stair

Army Specialist Michael Jones, a security force team member for Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) Farah, pulls security in Farah City during a graduation ceremony for local Afghan who completed an education program Nov. 4.

FTC to “Rachel”: Shut Up, Already

Score one for the feds in its ongoing cat-and-mouse game with robo-call telemarketers. The agency just shut down five companies in Arizona and Florida responsible for what it characterized as millions of calls from “Rachel” and her fraudulent friends at “Cardholder Services.”

Battleland Battleland

War and Peaza

Napoleon said an army “marches on its stomach.” While nourishment and sustenance are all well and good, after a couple of months in the sandbox even the most gung-ho U.S. soldier begins hankering for something other than


— the cost, per drone, of 10 MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aircraft the Air Force announced Monday that it is buying. Drones are a lot of things, but cheap ain’t necessarily one of them.

The “Big E” Comes Home for the Last Time

After more than 50 years of sailing the world’s oceans, the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise came home Sunday to Norfolk at the end of her final voyage. She leaves the active-duty fleet Dec. 1.

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