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Jobs Worth Keeping

Drones may not be the future of warfare, but they certainly are a part of the future of warfare. While they aren’t as inexpensive as many folks believe (as Winslow Wheeler detailed on Battleland last February), they are filling a …

Hornets’ Nest

At least 10 F-18 Super Hornets — worth nearly $1 billion — crowd the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise as it sailed for the final time across the Atlantic Ocean Oct. 30 ahead of its Dec. 1 retirement.

Leading the Charge Up the (Capitol) Hill

Early on the morning of Nov. 4, 2008, I gathered up my things, and like most days that year headed out on a mission into southern Baghdad. After a quiet patrol on a chilly day, my troops and I came back to our base just in time …

Battleland Battleland

Carrier Wars…Over the Horizon

With President Obama’s re-election, GOP candidate Mitt Romney’s plans to boost U.S. Navy shipbuilding from 10 to 15 warships a year are history. Could we look back on the electoral result as a turning point?

Under current …

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