$3.5 Million

— That’s the “separation payment” Lockheed Martin is handing over to Christopher Kubasik, the company's vice chairman, president and chief operating officer. He resigned Friday from Lockheed, the Pentagon’s largest contractor. Kubasik, who was slated to become CEO in January, was let go after he was found to be having a “close personal relationship with a subordinate employee.” Wonder how big her separation payment was.

Khost Walking

A U.S. Marine speaks with an Afghan Local Police commander during a meeting between the two forces in Khost village, Farah province, Nov. 2.

Battleland Battleland

Radio Afghanistan

The U.S. military is still trying to get Afghans to listen to its weather reports, warnings of suspected IED locations, and propaganda – that’s why it’s buying another 21,000 hand-cranked radios to give away to Afghan …

Battleland Battleland

Pondering Petraeus

We spent the weekend sifting through the shards of what had been the stellar career of the nation’s most prominent and respected post-9/11 general because of an extramarital affair.

“He is a guy,” Senator Saxby Chambliss told …

Vets: Tell Us Your Stories

Nine years ago, the American oral history project StoryCorps launched when we put a sound-proof booth in New York’s Grand Central Terminal so families could record the stories of their lives.

About a week after we opened, an …

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