Paul Ryan’s Rough Return

Paul Ryan’s in a bind. Even as he’s being touted as the great white hope for the GOP in 2016, he’s voluntarily strapped himself to the party’s fast-sinking position on the fiscal cliff as a member of House Speaker John …

Battleland Battleland

Today Is December 7

For those of a certain generation, the date brings back memories of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor 71 years ago today.

It was an important date for my parents, just as 9/11 is for my generation, and for my …

Admiral Mullen Possible Target of Foreign Cyber Intrusion

Retired admiral Mike Mullen, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, recently surrendered personal computers to the FBI in the course of an ongoing investigation into international cyber activity, sources familiar with the probe tell Time. Mullen is not the target of an inquiry, the sources said, and is assisting the

Battleland Battleland

Marines Return Fire

Doug Macgregor’s piece Monday taking the Marine Corps to task – and the Army, from which he retired as an outspoken colonel – is under attack over at the Marine Corps Gazette, the official jarhead journal. He argued that …

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