“Dinner’s Here!”

Food and other vital supplies are air-dropped to Forward Operating Base Lightning deep into the mountains of Paktya province Dec. 23.

Congress has prevented the worst possible outcome by delaying sequestration for two months. Unfortunately, the cloud of sequestration remains. The responsibility now is to eliminate it as a threat by enacting balanced deficit reduction. Congress cannot continue to just kick the can down the road.
— Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, breathing a sigh of relief Wednesday, noting that some $600 billion in Pentagon budget cuts over the coming decade have been put on hold by last-minute congressional action over New Year's. As for his claim that Congress can't continue kicking the can, Panetta knows better: he served in the House from 1977 to 1993.

On Patrol

Army Specialist Thaxal Potter provides security during a mission in Farah City, Dec. 26.

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