Stan McChrystal: Trading Shadows for Showtime

For nearly six years during the post-9/11 war on terror — including the height of the Iraq war — Stanley McChrystal was the furthest thing from a household name.

As commander of Joint Special Operations Command (known in the military then as Task Force 714), McChrystal led a team of commandos, intelligence analysts and programmers. …

The dinner occurred last night here at the Pentagon. It was a one-on-one dinner with Secretary Panetta and Senator Hagel. It was a very good discussion. I am pleased to report that the dinner included corn chowder, filet mignon, and chocolate cake. So it was more Midwestern-themed, with a little steak and corn, than Italian this go-round...I don't know if there was any Nebraska wine.
— Pentagon spokesman George Little on Tuesday, discussing the Monday night dining in between the current defense secretary and his nominated replacement.


— The number of Marine Corps scoop-type loaders in Afghanistan. All of them are slated to come home. Yet the Marines only need 59 to meet their requirements. Returning the remaining 96 loaders, the Government Accountability Office says, could cost as much as $14.7 million.

Why Hagel Is So Well-Informed

Chuck Hagel, President Obama’s nominee to be the next secretary of defense, may be making news today…but he’s been reading national and international news since he was a kid.

Hagel’s parents were intensely interested in …

To gain Restricted Access to the CLASSIFIED documents, Contractor Personnel must have a FACILITY CLEARANCE approved by DSS (and confirmed by USSOCOM) at the TOP SECRET level, and the abilility to STORE CLASSIFIED material up to the SECRET Level…Upon successful confirmation of clearances and storage capability, USSOCOM will mail all CLASSIFIED documents to the approved physical ship-to address location of the interested vendor, after DSS Facility Clearance has been verified with USSOCOM Security.
— Mail? From a contract solicitation seeking worldwide translation and interpretation services for U.S. Special Operations Command.


— The unemployment rate for all veterans in December, lower than the 7.8% rate for American workers as a whole. Post-9/11 vets had a 10.8% unemployment rate, still well above average.
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