They say that you've never seen our wounded warriors smile as wide, or heard them laugh as loud, as when they get a visit from their secretary of defense. And whatever the challenge, Leon, you always give it to us straight, sometimes in words that can't be repeated here in public.
— President Obama, speaking at the formal farewell ceremony for Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Friday afternoon at Fort Myer, Va. Panetta plans to stay at the helm until a successor, probably nominee Chuck Hagel, is confirmed by the Senate.
Battleland Battleland

Nuclear Countdown?

Senior Obama Administration officials reportedly believe the U.S. nuclear arsenal can be cut by at least a third without hurting national security.

Of course, believing it secretly and declaring it openly are two different …

A Reckoning for The Army

In a recent essay entitled The Force of Tomorrow, General Ray Odierno, the Army chief of staff, describes a globally engaged Army, an Army that promises all things to all people inside the Beltway, an Army that if reduced in …

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