— The number of additional mental-health professionals the Department of Veterans Affairs has hired since VA Secretary Eric Shinseki announced last year that the VA would hire 1,600 more. He has until June 30 to reach 1,600, according to an executive order issued from 1600…Pennsylvania Avenue. The VA employes about 20,000 mental-health professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.
Battleland Battleland

Afghan Endgame

No longer any point in pretending. The U.S. is in such a rush to pull out of Afghanistan, it is risking the sacrifice of 2,086 U.S. troops and more than a half-trillion dollars to put the “graveyard of empires” in its rear-view …

None of us walk away or run away from a crisis or a fight. You know that's not our nature. But I will tell you, personally, if ever the force is so degraded and so unready and then we're asked to use it, it would be immoral.
— Army General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, testifying Tuesday on the impact pending military budget cuts would have. Hard to believe it was only six years ago that a prior chairman, Marine General Peter Pace, found himself in hot water for using the same word. He said he believed that “homosexual acts between individuals are immoral, and that we should not condone immoral acts.”
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