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More F-35 Turbulence

There’s a new and disquieting Pentagon report on the troubled $400 billion tri-service F-35 fighter.

It includes stunning pilot comments about the aircraft’s survivability (“Aft visibility will get the pilot gunned [down] …


— The number of U.S. troops U.S. Central Command chief Marine General James Mattis has recommended remain in Afghanistan after 2014, when all U.S. combat forces are slated to be gone. That's 20% of the 66,000 now there. They would consist of trainers for the Afghan military and special-operations units designed to keep the Taliban in check. Mattis’ figure is now under review at the White House, which has made clear it wants fewer troops left behind. Mattis retires soon, but President Obama doesn’t, which suggests a smaller post-2014 U.S. footprint may be in the offing.
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