BAE Systems plays a key role in the Integrated Flight Test Force Team for the F-35. Over 30 BAE Systems employees including two pilots support the team based at Patuxent River, California.
— From a BAE Systems document, here, on its role in helping build the F-35 fighter. Here’s hoping they’re better at aeronautics than geography, and that the folks checking out the plane's millions of lines of computer code are better at catching mistakes. (Pax River, of course, is 3,000 miles from California, on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.)

Kandahar Kache

U.S. soldiers move into a village with a suspected weapons cache March 3 in Kandahar Province.

With Baby Boomers Retiring, Why Do We Need So Many New Jobs?

Question: The monthly job reports are usually accompanied by a statement that we need lots of new jobs just to keep up with population growth. Since large numbers of baby boomers are now retiring, however, wouldn’t this have a complete offsetting effect for the next 15 years or so? Submitted by JohnnyOh

Answer: There are basically …

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