Kandahar Kache

U.S. soldiers move into a village with a suspected weapons cache March 3 in Kandahar Province.

With Baby Boomers Retiring, Why Do We Need So Many New Jobs?

Question: The monthly job reports are usually accompanied by a statement that we need lots of new jobs just to keep up with population growth. Since large numbers of baby boomers are now retiring, however, wouldn’t this have a complete offsetting effect for the next 15 years or so? Submitted by JohnnyOh

Answer: There are basically …

Battleland Battleland

Take That, You Twit!

The U.S. embassy in Seoul tweeted this photograph of a B-52 bomber and all its firepower several hours ago.

The dispatch came after North Korea warned of “strong military counter-action” if the U.S. again flies the bombers …

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