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Semper Sigh…

The Marines are the neatest military service (at least in their eyes) and the other military services know it (at least in their eyes).

This drives the Army, Air Force and Navy up the wall.

It particularly bugs the Navy, …

$9.16 Billion

— How much President Obama will seek for missile defense in his proposed 2014 Pentagon budget, slated for release Wednesday, according to Bloomberg News. That's nearly 6% less than 2013's $9.71 billion missile-defense total. Let the fireworks begin.
Battleland Battleland

Peace Breaking Out?

First came word that the Musudan medium-range ballistic missiles North Korea is moving to its eastern coast are likely to be launched only as a test, not an attack (although this could prove troublesome if a test missile goes …


— The fine the Philippines wants the U.S. Navy to pay for damage done to its treasured Tubbataha reef when the USS Guardian ran aground on it in January. That's 58 million Philippine pesos, which works out to $1.4 million.
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