— The cost of a single turbine blade for the Marines' AV-8B jump jet, according to a Rolls Royce contract, here, announced Tuesday for $8,081,795 for 4,280 "high pressure turbine blades" for the engines that power the corps' Harriers.

Here Come Gun-Focused Retail Super Centers

Picture a sprawling 30,000-square-foot Best Buy store—only instead of electronic gadgets and games, every aisle inside the big-box center is devoted to firearms, bullets, and “tactical gear.” This is the hot retail concept spreading throughout the Midwest.

Battleland Battleland

B-ing Strong

BOSTON — Shortly after the Boston  bombings I posted a note here about the mental health effects of mass violence, which often go on for years and even decades.

I had the wonderful opportunity last weekend to visit Boston to …

101st Airbark Division

Military Working Dog Staff Sergeant Alex of the 101st on a nighttime resupply mission in Kunar province, April 18.

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