Battleland Battleland

Base Motives

Let’s suppose you’re a typical American family, with kids that have largely grown up and flown the coop, leaving you and your spouse empty-nesters. Well, maybe not complete empty-nesters. You had a rather large brood, and …

Over the course of the last few years, I have made several trips to Afghanistan and I've spoken to many women who own or run businesses in that country. To a one, they have all indicated their desire to leave before December 2014…The top reason they cite for leaving is physical security.
— Stephanie Sanok of the independent Center for Strategic and International Studies, before a House Armed Services Committee panel Apr. 25. She was speaking of the anxiety among Afghan women to flee their homeland as U.S. combat troops do.

Air Power

Ailing Hunter Tomlin, 8, became an honorary B-52 crew chief at Barksdale Air Force Base, La., last week.

Battleland Battleland

Bagram Horror

For both good – grabbing the alleged Boston Marathon bombers – and bad – there are a lot of vile videos out there — cameras have become ubiquitous.

That’s how a videocam atop a dashboard was able to capture the final …

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