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Strategic Seaporks

The Government Accountability Office is out with a briefing entitled Defense Logistics: The Department of Defense’s Report on Strategic Seaports Addressed All Congressionally Directed Elements.

Back when Battleland was just …


— The maximum value of a contract the Air Force announced Monday, here, that it is awarding to Northrup Grumman for “Global Hawk modernization.” That’s more than a half-billion dollars for a not-very-old RQ-4 spy drone. “The tasks on each delivery or task order will fall into, but are not limited to, the following categories: management, including program, business and technical areas; engineering efforts, including configuration management, data management, reliability, availability & maintainability, and related areas of concern such as technical refresh, diminishing manufacturing sources, etc.; studies and analyses; design, development, integration, test and evaluation; retrofit requirements; and integrated logistics support.” Truly: the sky is the limit.
Battleland Battleland

Uniform Insanity

Military bigwigs in Washington may spend all their time fretting about the F-35, Ford-class carriers and assorted Ground Combat Vehicles, but the grunts in the field are far more consumed with their uniforms. After all, unlike …

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