General Misconduct

The Army is charging a general who served five tours in Afghanistan and Iraq with sexual assault, adultery, and inappropriate relationships with female subordinates.

So much for the military’s recently-boosted efforts to curb …

96 Seconds

It takes years to become an F-16 pilot, but only seconds to lose your plane – and perhaps your life – when things go haywire. On May 4, an Air Force pilot aboard a Viper during a routine war game over Utah ran into serious …

Three Crash Reports…

A trio of detailed reports on sad, and sordid, military misfortunes have surfaced in recent days. They make for great time-wasters at work. But here are the cases summed up in a nutshell:

— Regarding the crash of an Air Force …

Planning for SNAFUS

The Air Force spent a lot of time and money a generation ago when it designed its C-17 cargo airplane to take off and land at short, unimproved runways around the world – “austere” was the word of choice. But it couldn’t imagine that capability would be needed because a pilot would someday err and land at the tiny Davis Islands …

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