Post-War Profiteering

Hard to figure out what is worse: this week’s 6th Annual Iraq Aviation & Defense summit – you can seek contracts by cozying up to purported top Iraq military officials for $2,895 for the two-day event at a swank hotel (lodging not included) – or that the Pentagon is letting it happen just down the street.

The lucre being tossed …

F-16s, A-to…V?

The F-16A first flew in 1975, followed by the F-16B (Battleland once sat in a B-model backseat for a stomach-tickling ride), F-16C. F-16D, F-16E, F-16F, F-16I, F-16IN, F-16N, F-16Q, and now: the F-16V. Manufacturer Lockheed …

New Nuclear Math: It’s About Time

The Obama Administration is considering slashing the nation’s nuclear arsenal to as few as 300 deployed strategic nuclear weapons, Robert Burns of the AP reports. That’s an 80% cut from the 1,550 currently permitted under Washington’s treaty with the Russians.

Certain circles will scream it’s unilateral disarmament. But it seems …

Pentagon Seeks Shaft for Troops

Monday the Pentagon warned its troops that some of them may be laid off, future raises are going to be smaller, and retirees will be paying more for health insurance. Seems only fitting, then, that the next day – Valentine’s Day, ironically – the Pentagon’s own Defense Logistics Agency is seeking a shaft.

The Army’s $86,000 Machine Gun

So there was this Army contract award (click on it to enlarge) last week:

Seems pretty simple: 900 240 machine guns for $77.4 million. Math was never Battleland’s strong suit, but a quick trip to the calculator says that indicates each gun costs $86,000. Must be those gold-plated barrels (actually, there’s no gold in those …

Hollow Words?

The Word Police over at the Congressional Research Service – a namby-pamby bunch of straight-shooters who apparently have no use for political rhetoric – are calling Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on his claim that the U.S. military is headed for a “hollow force” if proposed budget cuts occur:

h/t Federation of American Scientists

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