Godspeed, Mr. Withington

The last man present at the birth of the Air Force’s B-52 – which, God bless the BUFF, is still flying real-world missions nearly 60 years after its first flight – has died at 94. Not only did Holden Withington help create …

A Close Shave in Afghanistan

Friday’s roster of federal business opportunities includes this urgent request:

THIS RFQ [Request for Proposal] IS FOR 15,000 11oz cans, or larger, of aerosol foam shaving cream to be expedite shipped to Afghanistan.

Last …

Super Committee Failure Hits Military Hard

Politicians can shrug off the congressional Super Committee’s failure to agree on meaningful deficit reduction. To them, it’s just another budget gimmick that didn’t pan out. But for the U.S. military, the Super Committee …

Watching SEAL Team 6

The Naval Special Warfare Development Group – that would the Navy’s famed SEAL Team 6, secretly famous for their recent successful hunt for Osama bin Laden – apparently needs some new watches. In a recent federal business

New, Improved Marine Targets

Targets have long been a low-tech item in the military’s hardware account. But that may soon be changing: the Marines are now testing life-size moving targets – mounted on Segway scooters – so its riflemen can practice against something more realistic. Bonus: once hit, the dummy falls down, as in this screen grab. Check out a …

Warbirds: Dark or Light?

There is a rough correlation between the number of U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the number of turkeys sent there annually to help them celebrate Thanksgiving. Your Battleland math whiz has stuffed data provided by the Defense Logistics Agency’s troop support folks into his abacus to generate this chart and can …

Missile Defense: The Sky Continues To Fall…

Many mornings you can hear Boeing boasting over the Washington airwaves about how its ground-based missile system is protecting the United States. From what? There is no nation primed to attack the U.S. with I.C.B.M.s — or even close to it — in any military significant way. Yet we’re spending billions of dollars annually against …

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