“Halt Or We Will Shoot”

When the first reports flashed over the wires Monday that the USNS Rappahannock fired a .50 caliber machine gun at a fast-approaching craft in the Persian Gulf, the first thought that flashed through many minds was: Thank God –

Navy’s Scarecrow: “If I Only Had a Brain”

Battleland’s pop was in the trucking business. It was always a thrill for him and his younger brothers when Dad rumbled home in a huge Mack tractor that we’d drive around the neighborhood after dinner. We thought of that as we read this story about a Navy doctor who – while entrusted with a deceased service member’s brain en …

“Brazen Showboating”

Beijing is reacting to the Pentagon’s so-called “pivot to Asia,” and not in a friendly way. Amid several recent naval exercises — including the 22-nation RIMPAC now underway around Hawaii – China doesn’t like what it …

Kiwis Ask: Hey, Where Is Everybody?

TOKYO – In a gesture of friendship and goodwill toward an obscure former ally, warships from New Zealand have been granted special, private berthing privileges for a major naval exercise now underway in Hawaii. And wouldn’t …

Persian Gulf Fireworks?

Lede story in Wednesday’s New York Times has the U.S. military as a confident boxer, warily eyeing Iran tucked into the far corner of the ring:

The United States has quietly moved significant military reinforcements into the

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