Military Spending

Designation Resignation

Battleland was at a party this weekend where someone got the X-37B confused with the X-47B. You’d think the Air Force and the Navy would have a Joint Operating Coordination Committee on Aircraft Designation and Nomenclature to avoid fielding two new aircraft with such similar designations (but you’d be wrong: back in the early 1980s …

Wars’ Lagging Costs

Here’s a bracing chart from a new report from the Congressional Research Service detailing the cost of veterans’ care:

In FY1940, the budget authority for veterans’ benefits and services was $561.1 million, and in FY2012 the budget authority was $125.3 billion, or more than 200 times the FY1940 budget authority. In constant 2011

Name Game

game-changers, a new technology or tactic that will render war as we know it obsolete. Turns out they also embrace name-changers. Here’s a nifty little $17 million contract buried deep in the Pentagon’s Wednesday contract announcements. It’s to defend a U.S. forward operating base in Afghanistan.

The name of the company may not …

Tents Aren’t Us

If there is one thing you’d figure the U.S. Army didn’t lack, it would be tents. But you’d be wrong.

The folks at Fort Carson are seeking “high-quality tents and accessories needed to make them operational” for …

Situation Normal: Afghanistan Fouled Up

A trifecta of trouble in three Pentagon inspector-general reports released Thursday concerning the U.S. military’s continuing struggle to build Afghan security forces so U.S. troops can come home.

Here is the first finding …

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