Military Health

No Relief Aboard Brand-New USS George H.W. Bush

It seems the toilets aboard the aircraft carrier have been balky, and too often MIA, over the first six months of its maiden voyage. Reports the Virginian-Pilot:

“It definitely affects my morale,” said [Petty Officer 1st Class Richard] Frakes, an aviation mechanic. “When I was unable to relieve myself for two days, I was irate to …

The Tweet Shall Inherit the Earth

A couple of Time colleagues – International editor Jim Frederick, author of the acclaimed Black Hearts, and Nate Rawlings, an up-and-comer at the magazine and an Army vet of the Iraq war – wore our fingertips to the bone on Veterans Day. It was my first chance to try to chat using Twitter; limited to 140 characters per …

Two Scandals, Two Outcomes

They say war and football are alike in a lot of ways, but deep down we know that’s not true. Perhaps it’s those fundamental differences that explain why two scandals that came to light this week have been handled so differently by their respective overseers.

About 140 miles north of the Pentagon, in the pleasant little college …

Military Alcohol Use, Chapter 2

We noted Monday that alcoholism has become an increasing problem for the U.S. military. Want proof (no pun intended): check out this story from California’s North County Times, which does a good job covering what’s happening at the Marine Corps’ nearby Camp Pendleton:

A Marine found dead in his barracks room at Camp Pendleton …

Hurt. Twice.

Only one in three military veterans wounded in Afghanistan and Iraq wars says he or she is getting the help they believe they need from the federal government. That’s the grim bottom line in a new report out Tuesday from the Pew Research Center:

Veterans badly hurt in the post-9/11 era also are more likely than other veterans, …

What’s In Your Canteen, Soldier?

Since the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq began, the days spent by U.S. troops in hospitals for alcohol-related problems have skyrocketed, according to a new Pentagon study:

The results of this analysis demonstrate the increasing medical burden that excessive alcohol use is placing on the military health system; this is especially …

The Pathbreaker: A Conversation with Major General Marcia Anderson

Audiences attending the Opportunity Nation Summit on the campus of Columbia University will hear from some of the leading experts in government, international affairs and the media. They will also get a testimony on public service by one of the Army’s pathbreaking leaders, Maj. Gen. Marcia Anderson.

Anderson, who completed ROTC at …

Soldier: The Doctors Will See You Now!

The public-health gurus of the American Public Health Association – all 13,000 of them – are meeting in Washington this week to figure out how we can all lead more healthy lives. It’s a noble pursuit, to be sure. Some of the studies and sessions investigate issues of interest to the nation’s troops. They may sound pretty …

“Losing the Battle”

The U.S. military likes to put a positive spin on even the grimmest news. In the summer of 2010, for example, both the Pentagon and the Army issued reports probing the rash of suicides in the ranks.

The Defense Department called its study

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