Military Families

Super Committee Failure Hits Military Hard

Politicians can shrug off the congressional Super Committee’s failure to agree on meaningful deficit reduction. To them, it’s just another budget gimmick that didn’t pan out. But for the U.S. military, the Super Committee …

Thanksgiving: Something to Keep in Mind

Even though our troops are pretty well paid, a big family or a jobless spouse can spell trouble when it comes to putting food on the table. As the Washington Post notes this Thanksgiving morning on its front page:

Hundreds of financially strained military families in the Washington area are lining up for turkeys and free groceries

“What Can The Rest of Us Do to Help Prevent Military Suicides?”

Families and communities — the rest of us, in other words — can play a role in helping to cut down on the epidemic of military suicides. Dr. Elspeth “Cam” Ritchie, a Battleland contributor and former top Army psychiatrist, and Dr. Margaret Harrell, a military personnel expert at the Center for a New American Security — who …

“It’s A Family Business…”

As Dave Barno said two weeks ago in Time:

“It’s a tough time to be in the family business,” says Dave Barno, a retired Army lieutenant general who commanded all allied troops in Afghanistan in 2003–05 and has two sons in the Army. “As my kids deploy around the world, they’re running into their playmates from when they

An Army Apart: The Widening Military-Civilian Gap

The U.S. military and American society are drifting apart. It’s tough inside the civilian world to discern the drift. But troops in all the military services sense it, smell it — and talk about it. So do their superiors. We have a professional military of volunteers that has been stoically at war for more than a decade. But as the …

Family Lies

The nation is always expressing gratitude and thanks for all that military families do (did you know we’re in the middle of Military Family Appreciation Month?). In typical bureaucratic fashion, Congress ordered the Defense Department to certify that appreciation by creating a Family Readiness Council, designed to let the brass …

What Is

It’s costly sending troops all over the world. Especially when a lot of them aren’t riding around in tanks or armored personnel carriers. In years past, the U.S. military has shipped about 75,000 cars to and from the U.S. every year for its troops’ personal use when they, and often their families, are deployed to non-war zones. …

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