Testing the High-Test

Petroleum products are slippery fluids – in more ways than one – and it’s tough always to know if you’re getting what …

Body Armor for Women…At Last

Darlene Iskra’s post here Tuesday about a possible divers’ memorial had a link to a page celebrating female military divers. If you followed it, you might have read an excerpt from an interview with Sue Trukken, a pioneering …

For Want of An ROE…

Army Major Bryan Bowlsbey spent much of 2006 and 2007 in Iraq as a logistics officer with a unit from the Illinois Army National Guard unit. He became frustrated with the hidebound nature of a military force at war.

Bowlsbey spoke about his deployment in this recently-posted May interview with the Combat Studies Institute at Fort …

Dust Wars

Army Major Casey Holler served as a company commander in Kirkuk, Iraq, in 2005-2006, and spent 2009-2010 in Afghanistan as a logistics planner at Forward Operating Base Salerno in southeastern Afghanistan.

Logistics – git thar fustest with the mostest, in the apocryphal words of Confederate Civil War General Nathan Bedford Forrest …

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