Iranians May Have Consulted Three Stooges Script in Terror Plot

How stupid are the Iranians? If the allegations by the United States are true, they hired a used car salesman in Texas to knock of the Saudi ambassador to the United States, and they also introduced the used car salesman to members of the Quds force like it was a cocktail party.

The main character in this drama is Manssor Arbabsiar, a …

Happy History Lesson

OK — on Wednesday we posted some thoughts from an Air Force planner working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff about how to avoid the mistakes we made in Iraq when/if we invade Iran. Friday’s Iranian post is more optimistic. It’s an assessment of the Iranian nuclear threat from Cheryl M. Graham, a lecturer in international relations and …

Afghanistan? Check. Iraq? Check. Iran? Checking…

Nice to know Air Force Lieut. Colonel Leif Eckholm is keeping busy in his job inside the inner sanctum of American military power: the strategic plans and policy directorate for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Perhaps that’s why he has just written

Invading Iran: Lessons from Iraq

…those who forget the past and all…

Here’s …

Predatory Surveillance?

The Tehran Times quotes Ali Aqazadeh-Dafsari, a member of the Iranian parliament, saying Tuesday that Iran shot down a U.S. drone over the Fordo nuclear site near Qom. He didn’t say when the shootdown allegedly happened and — critically — no photographic evidence has yet been produced. Look for the U.S. to deny the charges — which …

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