Defense Contractors

Military Services’ `Wish Lists’ Get the Heave Ho

For years, the military services had an unnerving tendency to declare to their funders on Capitol Hill just what their old mean defense secretary wouldn’t let them have. It has always struck Battleland as a little too close to kids crying over what Santa failed to bring them. We noted three years ago that then-defense secretary Robert …

Bullets by the Billions

…the lead item (click on it to enlarge) in Monday’s contract announcement list from the Pentagon. More than $2.5 billion for bullets. Trust they’re getting the quantity discount. We’ve asked just how many bullets you get for that kind of money, and we’ll share the answer when we get it.

UPDATE: “The contract announcement …

Subcontracting Out War

There have been times since 9/11 when there have been as many contractors working for the U.S. military in the war zones as U.S. troops. It’s one way to keep the troop count down.

The Air Force is seeking contractors to “launch” MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper drones all around the world, according to a “pre-proposal …

Bombs Away? Nope — Bombers Here to Stay!

Defense procurement is like the tides. Waves of reform are followed by waves of profligacy. Repeat, war infinitum. Take the Next-Generation Bomber, for example. We were just getting used to it, even calling it, almost affectionately, the ”Next-Gen Bomber” when the Air Force pronounced it dead two years ago.

But – surprise! …

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