Don’t Watch This Video!

…if you’re interested in a calm and reasoned assessment of the threats facing the U.S. by Foreign Affairs’ Micah Zenko. But if you prefer threat inflation, switch over to C-Span to watch the House debate the 2013 defense budget. Turn it up real loud.

Budget Brain Freeze

Having been away for the past week, it’s nice to come back and see nothing on the looming defense-budget battle front has gotten any better, despite the iceberg of sequestration looming ahead of the USS Pentagon. In fact, it has gotten worse:

— House Armed Services Committee chairman Howard McKeon sent a letter to Defense …

Sky’s The Limit…

Now that we have West Coast missile defenses to protect us from ICBMs North Korea doesn’t have, the House Armed Services Committee’s strategic forces subcommittee wants the Pentagon to consider building an East Coast shield to protect us from ICBMs Iran doesn’t have.

Here’s the language from its slice of the proposed 2013 …

The Coming War With China

Is China a peaceful nation that only wants to turn out Apple iPads and iPhones? Or is the Middle Kingdom bent on attacking the U.S.? Beijing is the long, and strong, pole in the tent for the U.S. military – and they know it. China is the new Soviet Union, and perhaps it should be.

But is there a downside to view Beijing through such …

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