Pyongyang’s Proliferation

Kim Jong Il’s death leaves the Korean peninsula and the rest of East Asia in a period of great uncertainty. But one of Kim Jong Il’s most dangerous legacies has security implications well beyond the region: he leaves behind a thriving nuclear weapons export business that must now be stopped.

There has been mounting evidence in …

Live, From Pyongyang: Good Morning, Beijing!

North Korea’s official propaganda arm will begin broadcasting its positive messages of peace and harmony (except where the U.S. is concerned, of course – check this out) in Chinese December 1. “It will contribute to boosting traditional friendship between the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] and China,” the …

A Revealing Peek at the Chinese Military

Pretty balanced look at Beijing’s military in the latest Aviation Week, which notes:

Before viewing a static display of the Chengdu J-10 fighter, Brig. Gen. Yan Feng, commander of the 24th airborne, said that over the next decade he would like aircraft “with the capacity to do what the pilot wants.”

OK….something may have …

“This Is Not About Country `X'”

Bizzaro is that D.C. Comics character whose every statement means the opposite. Got a two-fer on that score from the Pentagon on Wednesday. Inquiring reporters wanted to know if the planned basing of 2,500 Marines in Australia had anything at all to do with China. “It’s not about China,” Pentagon spokesman George Little …

U.S. Troops Heading Down Under

The U.S. is shipping 250 Marines to Australia by the middle of next year, a force that eventually will grow to 2,500. U.S. Air Force units will increasingly cycle in an out of bases in northern Australia – a full Marine Air-Ground Task Force. A MAGTF — pronounced mag-taff — is the Marines’ key unit for conducting missions across …

For All You Iran-Is-Winning Types, The Sad Truth

You get two variants of this logic: 1) if the US leaves Iraq, Iran wins automatically (or it’s won already because the Shiite majority actually rules); and 2) even more than al-Qaeda, Iran is the real beneficiary of the Arab Spring.

Both judgments are wrong in the way that America’s capacity for frantic self-doubt and self-blame …

This Is How Wars Start

You know it’s never a good sign involving shipping on the contested high seas near China and the Philippines when the phrase “`accidental’ collision” appears in the first sentence of a news story — with the word accidental in quotes.

Reports Wednesday’s Philippine Star newspaper:

MANILA, Philippines – An “accidental” …

Mutually-Assured Economic Destruction

Confirming our report Friday that China is our next big enemy, the Rand Corp. has just issued a study entitled Conflict with China. It paints a pretty dire picture of U.S. military prospects in China’s ‘hood, and encourages the U.S. to keep developing weapons to keep China at bay. While the study says the prospect of war is …

China Syndrome

It’s plain China is our Next Big Enemy. All the experts say so. And even if it isn’t, we have to prepare for war with it in case it comes true. Yum! The self-licking ice cream cone never tasted so good.

So folks are marshalling arguments either to support or knock that notion. Here’s a handy list from the American Enterprise …

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