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Deadliest Tech: Assault Breacher Vehicle

First used in Afghanistan in 2009, the Assault Breacher Vehicle fights explosives with explosives by firing a mine-clearing line charge (MCLIC) filled with C4 up to 150 yards forward. This enables US Marines to make it to the battlefield without having to traverse minefields and IED-planted pathways. Used primarily in Afghanistan, …

Top 10 Therapy Animals

From an alpaca to a monkey, TIME highlights the animals that help provide healing and companionship to people with special needs around the world

A Glossary of Government Surveillance

The National Security Agency (NSA) is the United States’ chief coordinator of signals intelligence—the collection and analysis of communication through radio, radar, and electronic means. It serves the Department of Defense, …

Trying Out for Delta Force

While Delta Force missions remain classified, we do know that Delta Force members average in their mid-30s, have prior combat experience, and are selected from the ranks of Special Forces, Rangers and the 82nd …

Israel’s Iron Dome

With the increased threats of attack from Hezbollah, Palestinian militants in Gaza — and spillover from the Syrian civil war — Israel stands ready to intercept and destroy incoming artillery, mortars, and missiles with its …

The Hunt for K-129

Chilling Cold War stories are always better experienced on your computer screen than aboard a dank, cramped and doomed Soviet Golf-class submarine in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The missile-laden K-129 sub sank Mar. 8, 1968, …

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