Mark Thompson

Pulitzer Prize-winner Mark Thompson has covered national security in Washington since 1979, and for Time since 1994. Follow him on Twitter at @MarkThompson_DC

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Battleland Battleland

Top Doc

Military medicine has received a lot of well-deserved attention in the wars launched since 9/11. More wounded troops than ever are surviving the battlefield, and there are many advances both there and back home that have made …

Battleland Battleland

Tomorrow’s Threats

It is becoming clearer that respected views of the national-security threats facing the U.S. are diverging:

Twenty-first century trends like the growth of technology represent new opportunities, but they also represent more

Battleland Battleland

A Final Salute.

Those of us who involved in the national-security realm in this town for awhile recall reading David C.Morrison’s stories in the National Journal (think of it as a National Geographic that explores the back halls of …

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