Teens Accused of Cutting Swastika into Classmate’s Head

Four arrested for allegedly kidnapping and torturing a 16-year-old

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Police arrested four Oregon teenagers Wednesday for kidnapping, robbery, assault and menacing after the allegedly cut a swastika into a schoolmate’s forehead.

Police in Portland say the suspects lured the victim into a shed in on Feb. 10, hit him over the head with a crowbar, shot him with a BB gun and then cut a swastika into his forehead with a box cutter, KPTV reports. Three of the suspects—Jenna Montgomery, 15, Blue Christian Kalmbach, 15, and Jess Taylor, 17—have been charged as adults; a judge set their bail at $3 million each. One 14-year-old also accused of participating will be tried as a minor. The victim, 16-year-old Dustyn Murrain, attended school with all four of the alleged assailants.

“He’s been severely traumatized not just physically, but emotionally,” the victim’s mother, Kelli Murrain told KPTV. “It’s something he’s gonna live with forever, especially if the scar of [the] swastika doesn’t go away. Every time he looks in the mirror he’s gonna have that memory.”



Well the only thing good about this is the assraping these seriously deranged juveniles are gonna get. I don't care who or how they were brought up. No excuses for behavior like that. Actually just shoot them and get it over with.


It is not at all surprising as sick as it is.  That's what you get when you throw a mother of three in jail for 60 days when she tried to discipline her unruly child in Walmat.  Columbine massacre and a slew of other events that have taken place ever since those incredibly stupid laws were put in place against what has been characterized as corporal punishment.  I do not condone abusive parents by any sense of the meaning, however, we all know the difference between abuse and discipline,  Thank God, my parents took a belt to my butt when I was kid and I appreciate and love them all the more for it.  Granted the initial trauma of embarrasment has left me with ever lasting memories, but it also reminds me of the reason for it and the consequences that came with each occurence.  Granted there is nothing worse than being disciplined with no love behind it, there certainly has to be balance.  My parents were tough but I still felt that they loved me, that they cared about what my future might be like if they didn't do what they had to do to keep me in line.  Parents need to be able to knock you upside the head when your being out of line, without fear of being arrested for it.

Kids too need to be able to live an abusive free life..but still need the fear of discipline to counteract unruly behavior.


With these kinds of kids I am always interested in what kind of so called parent they have. The fact that one kid is named Blue is an interesting clue.  


@drcjr1963 And I suppose the fact that his middle name is Christian is also interesting.

Meaning, why would a child's name say anything about his/her parents and how he or she will behave in life?.   

Let's stop speculating, because the fact is, we don't really know why some teenagers behave badly, (or criminally, as in this case) while many, many more do not.


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