Colorado’s Gay Marriage Ban Challenged

Nine couples file a suit seeking to overturn constitutional ban

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Nine Colorado couples filed a lawsuit Wednesday that seeks to overturn the state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage, The Denver Post reports. The law currently on the books allows civil unions but outlaws same-sex marriage.

“Colorado law creates two classes of citizens: those free to marry the person they love, and those denied that fundamental right,” the suit says. “Same-sex couples in Colorado are relegated to a second-class level of citizenship that denies their relationships the full panoply of rights enjoyed by married opposite-sex couples.”

Colorado is just one of a number of states including Texas, Utah and Oklahoma where citizens are challenging gay marriage prohibitions.

[Denver Post]


Gay marriage is legal in a growing number of states not because the democratic process led to it. In state after state, a few justices thumbed their judicial noses at the public and forced their opinion of sexuality on entire states. Are we an oligarchy or a democracy?

If states offers gay couples benefits and privileges that come with legal marriage, it should not be done as a civil right for a special class of citizens. This would exalt sexuality in irrational ways and ultimately violate the religious and individual freedoms of those who disagree with homosexual behavior. If the state equates homosexuality with race, people will be obligated to honor it under threat of civil law. Manipulating the category of civil rights like this will only cause deeper alienation between gays and society. Is this what we want? I don’t.


America had better get used to the fact that those 33 States that ban equal marriage simply have passed un-Constitutional laws and it is only a matter of time when they ALL get overturned.


Do the right thing Colorado and just legalize gay marriage. There is seriously no reason not to. YOU CANNOT come up with a sound argument against it.


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