U.S. Army Firing More Soldiers for Misconduct

Number dismissed for crime or misconduct doubled between 2007 and 2013

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The number of soldiers in the U.S. Army who have been dismissed because of crimes or misconduct has doubled within the space of six years, reflecting the toll that long and repeated deployments have taken on American troops.

The number of enlisted soldiers forced out of the Army for drugs, alcohol, crimes and other misconduct soared from 5,600 at the peak of the Iraq war in 2007 to more than 11,000 last year, while the number of officers who left tripled to 387 last year, reports the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, the number of Navy sailors, Marines, and Air Force service members dismissed for misconduct has remained relatively constant or declined.

Numerous high profile scandals have plagued the U.S. military in recent years, from sexual assault to mistreatment of enemy combatants. Authorities say that while long, repeated deployments may be a factor in worsening troop behavior, the number of soldiers dismissed also may be related to the size of the military. When the military begins to shrink, commanders are freer to dismiss more soldiers for misconduct.

“We’re paying a lot more attention to it now. We are not tolerant at all of those showing a lack of character,” Gen. Ray Odierno, the U.S. Army’s chief of staff told the AP. “We have to refocus ourselves so we get to where we think is the right place.”


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Here is a major neocon legacy.

Chickenhawks sent Americans into two wars, both of which fulfilled Osama's dream of bleeding the infidels in wars on Islamic countries.  Osama may not have died happy -- but he died successful. We wasted enormous resources in two wars -- one resulted in an Iran-friendly regime in Iraq and the other in the humiliating failure of a pre-doomed nation-building exercise. 

The Taliban are crowing.


al Qaeda, which was non-existent in Iraq before Bush 2 energized them, are now a substantial problem there, and are establishing themselves in Yemen and Syria. 

Our soldiers are paying the price.  And our society will pay as many men and women, marked forever by bad conduct discharges, find themselves with terminated hopes and possibilities. Sooner or later, the soft, degenerate chickenhawks will turn on them, blame them.  Hey, takers, you're adding to the deficit and the debt!

If we want to find one important point when the American degeneracy congealed, look no further than the generational gulf between Bush 1 and his team, smart enough not to invade Iraq  -- and Bush 2 and the laughable clowns he put in charge. 

America once had a citizen's army that fought wars declared by their representatives.

Now we have wars ordained by PowerPoint-savvy amateurs, fought by people who joined the national Guard never expecting to see combat. The armed forces want it that way, because they are smart enough to know what would happen if draftees were sent into these meat-grinders. 

Compare all those upbeat Army ads with these realities.

There is a silver lining -- purchased at a terrible price. The Americans -- not exactly the brightest bulbs on the planet -- will not put up with another war. And we simply lack the resources to fight a war with a nation like Iran -- even if the people wanted to. 

Oh, and the US economy is mortally wounded. Think not? Well, its 70 percent "engine" is consumer spending -- and our middle class is discovering that without the fake "ownership" prosperity enabled by ridiculous borrowing against real estate that would never go down (and they call socialists Utopians) -- they are actually poor or almost poor.

Absent a radical change -- it's over, buckaroos. Smoke is pouring out of a couple of engines and the craft is losing altitude fast. 


Well, here is the thing ...

When the military needs guys to go somewhere and "put in work," they go out and get young men who are prepared to put on a uniform and strap on instruments of death, then go over and do the dirty deeds.

Then, once the body count is pleasing to the brass, and they have stamped their records with a combat tour, they all come home and the "thugs" hired by the Army to be "thugs" are no longer relevant ... the are disgarded, like yesterday's garbage.

But they are still Americans, youngsters mostly, psychologically primed by violent, shoot-em-up video games and well groomed in American pop culture (mostly depicted in movies and videos) of violence.

Some even have medals draped around their necks when they get back ... but it matters little afterwards. They are branded losers, useless, troublemakers, unable to maintain the life of a garrison soldier ... because they are not garrison soldiers able to endure garrison games run by snot-nosed officers mostly, who just do not know.

And so you have the labeling that really ruins them completely, I mean they're already killers with a lot of confusion about what was demanded of them in combat ... and now the Army tells them they can not stay in the only place where they fit in ... the killers' club.

So off they go into civilian land ... most often to a fate of personal disaster, as in jail, substance abuse, unemployment, suicide. Not all, but far far too many.

And this is just the way it is ... "sorry 'bout that ..."


The first part of the story ties the firings to the toll of deployments which is utter crap.  

The second part of the story is more correct.  The armed forces is shrinking and the quickest and best way to remove people is firing the ones that don't belong.  

The air force is doing the same thing, only it's Quality Force Review Board hasn't met yet and those fired by that board probably won't be listed as fired for disciplinary reasons.  They will get an honorable discharge as opposed to administrative or dishonorable.  

Air Force has 25k people to cut loose in the next 5 years and I am sure the Navy and Marines have similar numbers.


What is so special about land White people control as opposed to the land non-Whites control?

Why must my people be force integrated in with these other people without even having a public vote on immigration or "assimilation" (intermarriage)?

It is White genocide.

Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.


The behavior has garnered attention: they are now exposed and it is more difficult for military leaders to sweep it under the rug.


387 officers? Instead of letting all the officers go ahead and retire with full benefits why doesn't the Army out process them with a less then honorable and not their life long, expensive retirement benefits? 


Two factors to consider, #1 The Army is the largest branch of the Military,#2 The Army is the easiest of all branches to get into. They wavier more then any other branch.


@retiredandglad  Who said they are eligible for retirement benefits?  Some I would think so, but I guess the majority are junior officers.


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