Virginia Judge Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban

U.S. acceptance of same-sex weddings is gaining momentum

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Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, federal judge Arenda Wright Allen ruled Thursday.

She cited the U.S. Constitution and said that the state’s ban on gay nuptials violates the right to due process and equal protection of the law.

The ruling follows similar cases in Oklahoma and Utah and adds Virginia to the growing number of states recognizing the right of homosexuals to wed. The federal judge issued a stay of her order while it is appealed, which means that the ruling is on hold and must ultimately be resolved before gay couples in Virginia can marry.



In her ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen wrongly attributed the line “all men are created equal” to the Constitution when it in fact appears in the Declaration of Independence...

“Our Constitution declares that ‘all men’ are created equal,’” she wrote in the ruling. “Surely this means all of us.”

I'm sure the judge meant to say Declaration of Independence, so let's not fixate on a simple error. The fact is there is no discrimination against lesbians and homosexuals who want to marry. They could always marry. The question is: What is the purpose of marriage? Marriage is for the rearing of children into the worlds of men and women, hence the notion of same-sex marriage is ludicrous, which the Communist co-opted political establishment knows, but pushes because the social dysfunction same-sex marriage will cause the next generation will weaken the West.

Take a look at the following...

Note the Soviet emblem of the hammer & sickle stenciled on the Aeroflot aircraft's fuselage!

Now, for the main paper of the Russian Ministry of Defense…

“Krasnaya Zvezda” is Russian (no kidding!) for "Red Star", the official newspaper of Soviet and later Russian Ministry of Defense. The paper's official designation is, "Central Organ of the Russian Ministry of Defense." Note the four Soviet emblems next to the still existing Soviet era masthead, one of which pictures Lenin's head, the man who removed the independent Russian nation from the map, supplanting it within the new nation called the USSR (the USSR being the nation that was to one day include all the nations of the Earth, incorporation taking place either by violent revolution or deception)! Those Soviet emblems and Lenin's head can't still be next to the masthead of the Russian Ministry of Defense's newspaper due to their association with the Soviet Union and its ideals of world revolution; the nations of the world constituting the Soviet Union!

The fraudulent "collapse" of the USSR (and East Bloc) couldn't have been pulled off until both political parties in the United States (and political parties elsewhere in the West) were co-opted by Moscow & Allies, which explains why verification of the “collapse” was never undertaken by the West, such verification being (1) a natural administrative procedure (since the USSR wasn’t occupied by Western military forces); and (2) necessary for the survival of the West. Recall President Reagan's favorite phrase, "Trust, but verify". Notice that not one political party in the West demanded verification, and the media failed to alert your attention to this fact, including the "alternative" media. When determining whether the "former" USSR is complying with arms control treaties, what does the United States do to confirm compliance? Right, the United States sends into the "former" USSR investigative teams to VERIFY compliance, yet when it's the fate of the West that's at stake should the collapse of the USSR be a ruse, what does the United States do to confirm the collapse? Nothing!

Now read these two revealing quotes from Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and former Soviet minister of foreign affairs Eduard Shevardnadze, and what they have in mind for you in the near future:

"Editor's Note: The phrases 'From the Atlantic to the Urals', 'From the Atlantic to Vladivostok' and 'From Vancouver to Vladivostok' are interchangeable in the strategists' lexicon. In the course of his Nobel Peace Prize Lecture, delivered in Oslo in June 1992, Gorbachev said: 'Our [sic] vision of the European space from the Atlantic to the Urals is not that of a closed system. Since it includes the Soviet Union [sic], which reaches to the shores of the Pacific, it goes beyond nominal geographical boundaries'. Note that Gorbachev, who had been out of office for six months, referred to the Soviet Union, not Russia. In an interview on Moscow Television on 19 November 1991, Eduard Shevardnadze continued speaking as though he was still Soviet Foreign Minister: 'I think that the idea of a Common European Home, the building of a united Europe, and I would like to underline today, of great Europe, the building of Great Europe, great, united Europe, from the Atlantic to the Urals, from the Atlantic to Vladivostok, including all our territory, most probably a European-Asian space, this project is inevitable. I am sure that we will come to building a united military space as well. To say more precisely: we will build a united Europe, whose security will be based on the principles of collective security. Precisely, collective security'. These statements by key implementers of the strategy reflect the central strategic objective of asserting 'irreversible' Russian/Soviet hegemony over Eurasia, thus establishing the primary geographical component of the intended World Government." -- 'The Perestroika Deception', by KGB defector Major Anatoliy Golitsyn.

and here's more on the upcoming "Atlantic to Vladivostok" union...

Back to same-sex marriage...

The critical socialization process that a child requires for a successful and productive life in later life naturally will require the socialization inputs from BOTH sexes, not the same sex. The simplicity of this non-debatable point has been known since human civilization began 5,000 years ago, proving that Western society has been co-opted by agents of deceit. 


Next will be multiple wives, sharia law, and we'll all be speaking muslim.  Thanks Hussein Obama!


So now we have the states of Virginia, Kentucky, Nevada, and Oklahoma in flux.  The tide has turned in our favor.


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