Man Arrested in Philip Seymour Hoffman Probe Says Heroin Was For Personal Use

Judge sets $200,000 bail for Philip Seymour Hoffman's alleged drug dealer

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Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

Philip Seymour Hoffman arrives for the Los Angeles premiere of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" at the Nokia Theatre LA Live in Los Angeles, California, November 18, 2013

A New York judge set a $200,000 bond Friday for a musician arrested during investigation into actor Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death. Robert Vineberg was allegedly found with about 300 packets of heroin in his apartment and is accused of being Hoffman’s drug dealer, the Associated Press reports.

Vineberg is charged with drug possession and the intent to sell after police followed a lead in the probe into Hoffman’s death of an apparent heroin overdose on Feb. 2. Vineberg’s lawyer said Friday during the bail hearing that the packets found in Vineberg’s apartment were mostly intended for Vineberg’s own use. His lawyer said the 52-year-old has a 10-bag-a-day heroin addiction.

But Vineberg maintained he was sober during an interview with the New York Post on Saturday. He also said that he and Hoffman were friends and had texted in December. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Edward McLaughlin said Friday that Vineberg was being inconsistent in his story. “He claims he is clean, you claim he is in the throes of a decade or more long addiction,” McLaughlin told defense lawyer Ed Kratt, according to the New York Post. “Some of the statements made on Mr. Vineberg’s behalf are inconsistent.”



Simple find  the paper trail, and check with the IRS and see how this drug dealer makes a living. No job with expensive taste, and living high means drugs if he was not born rich, or won the lottery. 300 bags means dealer, or very rich guy .


Get your lies straight wit yo lawyer, needle head. These liars, er, lawyers operate best when they up to speed on all the true damage u done and lives u wrecked. That way you see, they can help you to weasel out of responsibility, hopefully completely just like affluenza boy down there in tx or whatever state has the misfortune of housing that creature.

Vineberg was an accomplice to murder. No he didn't pull the trigger, but he did supply the late mr hoffman with a loaded gun.


@ChikuMisra  I agree completely, but buying an illegal gun is still breaking the law, is it not? I dunno I just don't understand heroin or tattoos for that matter. As a nurse in the past century (lol) I worked with blood products and AIDS patients and took appropriate precautions including the exclusion of casual encounters. Everyone who subconsciosly wants to check out will find a way. It's just baffling to me why someone with his wealth, success and family would want to throw it all away. His self esteem problems probably started when his dad walked out on him. His legacy to me is that he did the same to his children. I have never seen any of his "work" and now will consciously avoid watching it because of the lack of personal responsibility in his life. I feel sorry for vets with missing limbs and TBI, not that sorry excuse for a man.


He loved the high too much. Like many celebrities, lack of education prevented him from understanding biochemical effects of drugs and neurochemistry. He had time, lots of money, opportunity in the form of two sleazy nearby drug dealers. He was talented. I don't think I ever saw him in anything cuz I stopped watchin tv and movies in the nineties, except for the occasional movie every few yrs I guess. I still feel sad about his unnecessary death. I wish he could have developed a fondness for reading a good book in a quiet space, but who among us hasn't gotten drunk on multiple occasions in life when we should have spent that evening in a more comfortable and relaxing manner.


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