Texas Executes Mexican National After Failed Appeal

Edgar Tamayo was arrested 20 years ago for killing a police officer

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A Mexican national was executed in Texas Wednesday night following two failed appeals to the Supreme Court. Edgar Tamayo, 46, was placed on death row after being convicted of killing a police officer two decades ago.

The Supreme Court rejected two separate appeals from Tamayo’s lawyers late Wednesday, according to the Associated Press. One argued that Tamayo was mentally impaired and thus ineligible for execution, while another said he wasn’t told at the time of his arrest that he could seek legal help from his home country’s consulate.

The Mexican government and the U.S. State Department both unsuccessfully pressured Texas authorities to spare Tamayo’s life.

Tamayo was arrested in 1994 for the killing of Houston Police Department officer Guy Gaddis. Gaddis was transporting Tamayo from a robbery, when, according to court evidence, Tamayo shot Gaddis three times with a concealed weapon, causing the car to crash. Tamayo fled the car but was then quickly captured.



An easy solution — refrain from cold blooded killing of police officers .


He killed a cop, he was convicted, he lived for 20 years in prison at tax payer expense, he was not even a legal resident. he got what he deserved end of story.


A complete justice system requires the death penalty for the worst crimes, as here.  This cop killer received justice under law in America.  The treaty that would have provided this criminal alien access to his nation's consulate never applied to the State of Texas because the U.S. Congress has yet to pass legislation requiring states to comply with the treaty.  Nevertheless, both the U.S. government and the Mexican government tried to impose a provision of the treaty on Texas.  This citizen views this attempt as intellectually dishonest in its presentation for failing to note the exemption of Texas from the treaty.  The execution of the criminal alien cop killer took place in accord with existing law.


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