Wendy Davis Raises Over $12 Million for Texas Gubernatorial Bid

Her opponent, Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott, adds $11.5 million to his already large pot

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Paul Moseley / Fort Worth Star-Telegram / MCT / Getty Images

In front of a cheering crowd, Wendy Davis formally announces her run to be Texas' next governor on Thursday, October 3, 2013, in Haltom City, Texas

Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis reported Tuesday that she raised over $12.2 million for her campaign for governor.

Much of Davis’ fundraising came in small doses. 84,704 contributions of $50 or less accounted for 85 percent of all donations, according to a press release.

Davis entered the national spotlight in June by filibustering an abortion bill in Texas.

She faces an uphill battle against Republican Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who started the race with $20 million already in his back pocket and announced Tuesday that he’s added another $11.5 million to that treasure chest. A Democrat has not won statewide office in Texas in 20 years, and the last Democrat to be elected governor was Ann Richards in 1990.


Your arithmetic is wrong on Wendy Davis money.

If all of her 84,704 contributors gave $50 that would be $4.2 million. Not even close to 85% of her claimed $12 million total. 

So what's the truth?


Texas conservative TEA-types and Republicans have ramped up their sexist digs at Wendy Davis since she trumped her opponent in the latest release of financial's as required. TEA-types and Republicans are running scared now that Wendy has shown she can raise money and stand a very good chance to take Texas BLUE. Rather than discuss real topics Wendy's opposition have launched a series of gendered attacks signaling their one-track mind on how to run their campaign. Attack, attack, attack! TEA-Republicans will stoop to the lowest to under-cut the woman who persevered in schooling to attain her law degree. Wendy Davis sacrificed herself on the alter of Texas' Women's freedom, and received momentous acclaim for her action nationwide. She has propelled women's plight in every state which has passed numerous TRAP laws across the nation. "The strength that we have in this economy cannot be maintained if we don't have a strong workforce and of course that requires a strong education system," Davis said. "It's my number one priority, it's the reason I ran for the state senate and it's the reason I'm running for governor. I believe we haven't had the kind of vision in that office and the kind of support for public education that we really need to see." - Wendy Davis

Davis said: "I’ve always been open about my life not because my story is unique, but because it isn’t. The truth is that at age 19, I was a teenage mother living alone with my daughter in a trailer and struggling to keep us afloat on my way to a divorce.Those most jealous and scared react precisely as expected! I emphasize TEA-Republicans are Cold-hearted, venomous obstructionist steeped in divisive antics and tactics to hurt those who wish to protect the middle class, those at the edge of society and education for Texas' next generation. IF YOU DO NOT REGISTER TO VOTE AND OR DO NOT VOTE, OR ARE DENIED YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE, IT IS JUST LIKE VOTING FOR THE OPPOSITION! ELECTIONS DO HAVE CONSEQUENCES - LOCALLY - AT THE STATE LEVEL - AND NATIONALLY!


She should have been aborted...


On my iPad , Randstad advert completely covers the second paragraph .


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