Breaking Bad Comes True: Blue Meth On Rise in New Mexico

Either Heisenberg is back, or real-life dealers are lacing the drug with dangerous, chemical coloring.

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Federal investigators in New Mexico said Tuesday that blue-tinted meth inspired by the hit TV show Breaking Bad is on the rise in New Mexico, where the award-winning AMC series was set and filmed.

It’s not the first time Breaking Bad-inspired versions of the drug have surfaced. Police in Kansas City warned back in 2010 that the show was spawning real-life knock-offs, and Canadian authorities found what appeared to be blue meth with a street value of more than $2.3 million in October. But the Department of Homeland Security now says it’s on the rise in the very region where Breaking Bad‘s characters cooked up the fictional drug.

The coloring – unlike in the show – is an additive that has the potential to be dangerous, compounding the risks of the highly addictive drug.

“Its truly bad,” Kevin Abar, a spokespersons for the Department of Homeland Security in Albuquerque, told KOB-TV, adding that the blue meth’s Breaking Bad cache could appeal to new users. “We’re concerned that individuals may find it sexy and want to try it and utilize the drug and it’s very addictive,” he said.



Surely you meant to refer to blue meth's cachet, not cache, as being attractive to new users.


The blue meth in Breaking Bad doesn't signify purity of the meth crystals. The blue comes from the change in Walts formula. Instead of using Sudro sinus pills or  pseudoephedrine, Walt uses  phenylacetone to yield methamphetamine. Honestly I have not looked into the chemistry to know if this change in the chemical process would still yield methamphetamine, or in other words I don't know if the chemistry matches real life chemistry. Nonetheless the Breaking Bad purity ideology comes from Walter's process and knowledge of chemistry and chemistry lab practices. For the most part purity of a substance can be identified by its physical appearance. It would have to do with its transparency. Walter's meth is crystal clear meaning that it is very pure.  


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