Dallas Man Killed Neighbors Over Dog Poop

Couple gunned down for sweeping dog's feces onto Chung Kim's porch

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A Dallas man was convicted of murder Thursday after he shot his neighbors for sweeping their dog’s feces onto his porch.

Chung Kim, 76, shot his two neighbors after they repeatedly let their dog’s poop drip onto his property from their balcony, Reuters reports. He first shot Michelle Jackson as she stood on her balcony above his, then went upstairs and shot her boyfriend, Jamie Stafford.

Court records show that the couple let their dog relieve himself on their balcony, but then swept the excreta off their porch and onto Kim’s.

Kim told CBS 11 in Dallas-Fort Worth that he blacked out when he shot Jackson and shot Stafford in self-defense. He faces an automatic sentence of life in prison without parole.