De Blasio Sworn In as New York City Mayor by Bill Clinton

In his inaugural address, the Democrat promised to lead New York in a new "progressive" direction

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Frank Franklin II / AP

Former President Bill Clinton, left, administers the oath of office to New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, right, on the steps of city hall on Jan. 1, 2014, in New York

New York City’s new mayor Bill de Blasio was sworn into office Wednesday with an oath administered by former President Bill Clinton in a public ceremony at city hall.

In his inaugural address, de Blasio thanked outgoing mayor Michael Bloomberg for guiding the city through the past 12 years and firmly laid out his agenda, promising to raise taxes on the wealthy and address what he termed the “quiet crisis” of widening income inequality in the city.

“Big dreams are not a luxury reserved for the privileged few but the animating force in every community in every borough,” he said. “Today we commit to a new progressive direction in New York.”

“Let me be clear: When I said I would take dead aim at the tale of two cities, I meant it,” he said.

De Blasio is the first Democrat to hold the office since David Dinkins’ term ended in 1993, despite the fact that Democrats outnumber Republicans in the city by roughly 6 to 1. His rise has been celebrated as a victory for progressives. He officially took over his mayoral duties at midnight Wednesday morning in a private ceremony at his Park Slope home officiated by Attorney General Eric Holder.

De Blasio enters office at a time when the city of 8.4 million is safer and cleaner than ever but grappling with a legacy of controversial law-enforcement practices, like the stop-and-frisk program, and widening income inequality symbolized in the city’s outgoing billionaire mayor Bloomberg.

De Blasio worked in the Clinton Administration’s Department of Housing and Urban Development and as the director of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for Senate in New York.

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Clinton's address is drawing a slew of lies from the right. This is a typical example

Clinton didn't pause for applause, Fund ignores DeBalsio's compliments for Bloomberg, as follows:

"Thank you, Mayor Bloomberg. To say the least, you led our city through some extremely difficult times. And for that, we are all grateful. Your passion on issues such as environmental protection and public health has built a noble legacy. We pledge today to continue the great progress you made in these critically important areas."

Here: you can listen to the applause. Two rounds!

Listening to Clinton’s address, it was clear he wasn’t expecting or pausing for an applause line. Clinton has no small ego and my guess is he didn’t  want to be interrupted.

I posted this on National Review, it was deleted and the site won't accept any more comments from me. This is the magazine that blew outrage at the condemnation of the Duck Dynasty bigots.

Here's the lesson: when progressives take power, don't listen to the complaints of the right. Crush them, ban them. We'll be embracing their "values."


Cleaner and safer hahahahaha!!!!


The once upon a time  American Dream just doesn't add up, resulting in the "tale of 2 cities."With the economic division more striking than ever,  the American Dream is divided. You don't have to do the math to see the 2 schools of thought in this matter are as stark as black and white. Take a look


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