Federal Judge Upholds Majority of New York Gun Control Law

Ban will remain on semi-automatic weapons that resemble assault rifles and large capacity magazines

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A federal judge in New York upheld the state’s expanded assault weapons ban Tuesday, raising the possibility that the issue will go before the Supreme Court, The Buffalo News reports.

Chief U.S. District Judge William M. Skretny ruled that New York’s prohibitions on some semi-automatic weapons and large capacity magazines are in the interest of public safety, and do not violate the Second Amendment. But he struck down a measure in the law that stops gun users from loading a 10-round magazine with more than seven rounds, calling it “tenuous, strained and unsupported.”

The so-called “SAFE Act,” passed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting last December in neighboring Connecticut, expands New York’s assault weapon ban to include semi-automatic weapons that resemble assault rifles, and magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds.

Gun rights activists are expected to appeal the ruling on the challenge, which was brought by the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.

[The Buffalo News]


I hope they will be able to get a appeal and try to repeal this stupid law. It is not going to make New Yorkers safer in any way, since studies show that these so called "dangerous weapons" account for the least number of firearm related murders. It was sad that the Newtown shooting happened, but even during the Clinton gun ban, the Columbine shooting happened and the shooters used a double barrel shotgun and a handgun, which would not have been banned. 


Right wrong or indifferent, the only route to any meaningful gun regulation is at the state level. The NRA has bought off Congress. Let the people decide by referendum state voting, their local gun laws. The old fools in Congress are blind to the public outcry because they are use to the campaign funds, and ratings they get.


This judge is ABSOLUTELY WRONG !  I certainly hope his decision is overturned.


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